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  • Geiger Counter 01M by SOEKS
  • Radiation Detector 01M by SOEKS
  • Geiger Counter 01M by SOEKS
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  • Soeks 01M geiger counter radiation detector

Advanced Geiger Counter Radiation Dosimeter SOEKS 01M

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Product Description

Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter SOEKS 01M Generation 2 is a perfect fit for any application where live indication of both total radiation dose and dose rate is needed.

Radiation detector has inherited all of the best features of its predecessors Radiation Detector SOEKS 01M and SOEKS Defender. A technologically advanced Geiger counter offers superior radiological response with flexible and user friendly operation. Engineered to the highest precision standards as our other Radiation Detectors devices, using military grade latest Geiger-Muller Counter Sensor to detect, measure and accumulate readings data of ionizing radiation power value Beta particles streams, Gamma rays and X-Ray Radiation. We were able to combine reliability and accuracy of the laboratory equipment and one easy to use pocket size device. Radiation Dosimeter SOEKS 01M Generation 2 has an enhanced processor, which activates and begins detect and monitor radiation background in no time. It continues to gather data and provide you with cumulative dose of radiation. When placed in the Search Mode Geiger Counter SOEKS 01M Generation 2 allows you to pinpoint precise location on ionized radiation source. Visual and Graphic alarms and messages appear if Radiation Background exceeds the norm.

Appealing and compact design, high quality rubber infused plastic corpus for enhanced grip and protection, allow it to be carried virtually anywhere and at any time.


  • Increased working time up to 50 hours
  • Fast readings from 10 seconds
  • Cumulative dose - accumulated radiation dose withing period of time
  • Search Mode - pinpoint exact location of sourse of radiation
  • Improved interface - easy to use.
  • Fast processor 
  • Multilingual ( Eng,Esp,Port,Fr,Deutch,Rus)
  • 2 Year Warranty

Understanding SOEKS 01M

Screen symbols

SOEKS 01M Gen 2

  1. Keypad locking indicator displayed if only when keypad is locked
  2. Sound Indicator
    • Sound is ON
    • Sound is OFF because batteriea are low
    • Sounf is OFF
  3. Accumulated Dose Indicator
    • Green color of indicator mean no excess of established threshold of accumulated dose
    • Yellow color means no excess of established threshold of accumulated dose but the dose value is approaching the threshold
    • Red color meand that the established threshold for accumulated dose is exceeded, audio signal is emited
  4. Diagram shows the radioactivity during the last 37 seconds. Diagrams are dynamic and constantly moving from left to right. Bar's hight displays radiation background level - the taller the column the higher the radiation background. Bars could be green, yellow or red and semantic color information coincides with the indicator of accumulated dose threshold.
  5. Batteries Status Indicator
    • Batteries are charged
    • Batteries are slightly discharged
    • Audio signal to charge the batteries or replace

Radiation Background Geiger Counter SOEKS 01M

  1. Readiness Indicator Green bar has to rase to the top withing 10 seconds
  2. Indicator of the Accuracy With readings every 10 second and 12 readings withing 2 minutes yellow bar yellow bar rises to the top as accuracy increases.
  3. Measurement Units radiation background readings are displayed in Micro Seiverts per hour uMSc/h
  4. Radioactivity Level is displayed in large figures in the center of the display. During first measurement the word "MEASUREMENT" is displayed
  5. Radioactive Particles Indicator blinks in yellow or red when frequent particles are detected; in green if rare
  6. Threshold Indicator
  7. Radiation Background Status displayed via text and indicates NORM in green for radiation background lower than 0.4 mSv/h, ELEVATED in yellow for radiation background measurement results are in the 0.4 mSv/h to 1.2 mSv/h range and DANGEROUS in red if Radiation Background readings exceed 1.2 mSv/h

Accumulated DoseSoeks 01M Accumulated Dose

  1. Number of times device was turned ON/OFF during current session.
  2. Accumulated Dose displayed in numerial value
  3. Total Time Indicator displays total aggregated time while instrument was in operation mode since dose reset
  4. Radiation Background Indicator displays current radiation background measurement result
    • Attention! CURRENT SESSION is the time before "Dose RESET" was performed. This can be accessed in SETTINGS so accumulated dose is zeroed

What's Included

  • Geiger Counter Soeks 01M
  • Manual
  • Batteries 2 x AAA
  • 2 Year Warranty

SOEKS 01M Specifications

Radiation Background level, mSv/h up to 999
Registered Gamma-Ray Energy, MeV starting from 0.1
Accumulated dose indicating range, mSv/h up to 999
Warning Threshold, mSv/h from 0.3 to 100
Measuring time, seconds strating from 10
Readings display Continuos, numerical,graphic

NiMh rechargeble batteries or 2 X AAA batteries,electrical power supply

from mains adapter or USB

Electrical power supply voltage range, V 2,0 - 3,0
Continuous Running Time,hours   up to 50 
Overall Dimentions H x W x D, inch 4.1x1.6x18
Display TIF 128x160
Operating Temperature range, C from -20 to +60

Product Videos

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SOEKS 01M Generation 2 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Review

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Warranty Information

2 Year Limited Warranty

Other Details

Continuous Work Time (max):
50 hours
Reading Time (Radiation):
10 sec
Units of Measurement:
Standard AAA
Cumulative Dose Display:
Search Mode:
Improved. Numbers and levels.
Advanced (fast)
Number of Geiger Muller Tubes:
English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
2 Years

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