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Soeks-01m geiger counter economical and powerful

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Soeks-01m geiger counter specs and reviews

Soeks 01m radiation detectors purpose is designed to determine the levels of radioactivity found on food products, random objects, work site materials that are suspected of containing radiation. The Soeks-01m will help you test check your items before buying to secure a safe purchase assessing the potential risk of contamination from radiation checking the power levels of X ray,  beta and gamma energy.  Soeks 01m uses a geiger Muller counter to soeks 01m specstest for ionizing radiation. Light and compact modern design allows ease of function for precise results.  Tests the air for 10 seconds to gather first measurement. Will alarm you if increased radiation is present. The green background is within normal ranges. Yellow is an indicator of an elevated level of radiation and red would be severe radiation levels present. When nuclear accidents, etc  happen The soeks-01m is an indispensable device to  protect all members of a family. Your getting the soeks 01m latest version. One of the most popular geiger counters worldwide in Japan over two hundred thousand of the soeks 01m is being used now. You do not have to be a nuclear expert or a rocket scientist to operate as the Soeks 01m will alert you of radioactive dangers.  It would be good to take several measurements and then average out the result for a more reliable perspective of radiation.   Take care not to expose geiger counter to water sources.   Takes triple a batteries.  Screen display bars move from right to left bars show past minutes.  The higher the bar the higher amount of radiation.  Over a two minute period your yellow bar will be complete with a total of 12 measurements to give you an accurate reading.  You could take a usb cord and connect your laptop to the soeks 01m geiger counter to get continual measurements. If your looking to assess a cumulitive dose then perhaps you should upgrade to the Defender. Has theme option for green, grey, blue, white fonts.  You should also maintain your soeks 01m to clean off potential dust contamination so you do not alter your results. The system readings are shown in millisieverts.  One sivert would  cause some radiation sickness.  Anywhere from 3 to 5 siverts can cause fatal radiation exposure in over half of  the population exposed to such levels of radioactivity.   Lodged internal emitters are another story depending on which isotope is embedded in what parts of the flesh.  The lungs could be a possible destination for an internal emitter radioactive flea that is breathed in as a fine dust particle.   This is a good reason why if your in a hotspot area doing tests with your soeks 01m consider wearing a respirator especially if your radiation level goes in the red. 

Display screen
multi Color 128×160
Dimensions, millimeter
Dose readings are displayed
visual continual graphs, numerical measurements
Gamma radioactivity power range
 0.1 and up
Diagnosis of radiation determined
Gamma radiation
Beta  and Xrays

Purchasing the Soeks-01m through Soeks-USA an authorized distributor allows you to get the original manufactures warranty.

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Soeks Defender Geiger Counter Dosimeter practical, reliable

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Soeks Defender Specs and Reviews

Soeks Defender geiger counter dosimeter has a multi color screen and has a 10 hour battery life.  It is soeks defenderrecommended to set your Soeks background screen to medium or low to maximize battery life.   Takes triple AAA batteries you also have the option to use rechargeables.  The Soeks defender also includes a usb cable for recharging.   When you purchase the defender from Soeks-usa your also getting a 1 year warranty.  The Soeks Defender practical features  helps you determine the radiation level of produce, food, random items and lets you know if they are contaminated with radioactive particles.  The Soeks Defender detects radiation better than other geiger counters in its class.   I have seen the Soeks Defender in action and witnessed how effective the dosimeter defenders ability to measure ionizing radiation, Beta and Gama.  Also the cumultive dose feature lets you determine over time how much radioactivity is present in objects.  You can also turn the volume on the Soeks defender to silent so you can go into stealth mode increasing battery life while not drawing attention in public places.  The Defender uses a  two inch Geiger muller sensor tube to increase accuracy and pick up low levels of radiation. The Soeks defender is not waterproof like most geiger counters so you must take care around liquid sources.   If your looking  to do testing in the rain i recommend to put your Soeks defender in an air tight sealed plastic bag.  That way you will not risk getting rain water inside of your geiger counter.  For a more accurate measurement of rain water you should wait 24 hours to test the rain sample as some people have found radon to cause a high spike though that particular isotope disappears quickly less than a day.   The soeks defender takes about ten seconds for each measurement and gets more accurate as the defender screen fills with yellow and will take a total of twelve measurements to determine a really accurate reading within 2 minutes.

multi Color 128×160
Dimensions, millimeter
Dose readings are shown
constant graphs, visual, numerical measures
Gamma radioactivity power range
 0.1 and up
Characteristics of radiation tested
Gamma radiation
Beta  and Xrays

soeks defender specsThe Soeks Defender geiger counter dosimeter  measures a continuous  radiation dose and determines the amount of radiation present in air, water, foods  and building materials tainted with radioactive isotopes. The Soeks Defender Radiation Detector is used to evaluate  levels of radiation according to the power level of the ion isotopes.. The Soeks defender will help you make wise choices in your food selection. If your not sure of some food stuffs at your local market take the Soeks Defender with you everywhere and test everything! You might be surprised what you find!

Purchasing the Soeks Defender through Soeks-USA an authorized distributor allows you to get the original manufactures warranty.

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13 Workers Radiated at the Carlsbad Nuclear Plant, New Mexico

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Nuclear Repository Ra_Cham640 announced today that thirteen operatives working at  the nation’s underground nuclear waste dump near Carlsbad (New Mexico) have  been affected by radiation. This happened due to a leak in the nuclear factory.

While on Wednesday official informed the media about a leak which was denied to be related to another similar incident:


The federal Energy Department said Monday that the results were from samples collected last week at air monitoring stations at and around the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad. Last week, federal officials confirmed the first-ever leak at the facility. It stores plutonium-contaminated waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory and other government nuclear sites. Officials say there is no public health threat. Waste shipments to the site were halted this month after a truck caught fire underground. Officials say they did not think the incidents were related.

Now, the federal Department of Energy and the contractor that runs the dump confirmed that  they had notified the workers about the results and will continue to do the testing.
They haven””t made any further declarations saying they will detail everything on a press conference on Thursday afternoon .
The message ends with the following statement:

 Elevated radiation levels have been detected around the plant, but officials have said the readings are too low to be a public health threat.


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