Why we have radiation detector is necessary today?

We now live in a modern world wherein every side of the country, buildings, houses and even hospital are filled with modern technologies that emits different level of radiation and electric charges. They are everywhere.
These radiation and electrical charges are both harmful and dangerous to humans. The side effects can be irreparable if the radiation is well too accumulated in the body.

Radiation is a very common element on Earth. Earth itself releases natural and low dosage radiation that is not really harmful but on the contrary helpful to the human body. These safe and natural radiations are needed to properly function important parts of the body. These are also important for the planet to sustain life.

However, because of the growing technology, more radiations from modern technologies are emitted thus causing harm.
These dangerous radiation can cause malformation, diseases, malfunction on the body and even cancer tumors.
That is why it is imperative to prevent the body to add more radiation particles inside the body.

And that’s where radiation detector comes in the picture. Invented on the 1900, radiation detectors are now one of the widely used apparatuses and gadgets that detect and measures radiation on food, water, air and even the human body.
You might think that something as inescapable as radiation can’t be prevented? That’s where you’re wrong. It’s true that not all radiation can be prevented however; you can minimize your exposure to the more dangerous ones such as radiation from nuclear plant contamination on food and water and radiation emitted by the appliances around you.
These radiations when detected and controlled can change the way you live.

Have you experienced painful migraines and body aches? It’s possible that’s your body’s reaction to over exposure to radiation.

Food that you eat might also be contaminated with radiation.
Did you know that the Fukushima Nuclear Plant accident spilled radiation on the sea and at the atmosphere and is spreading around the globe? Yes, it’s true. It’s been detected by scientists that some milk products and even fish and meat are exposed to radiation and you might be serving one right now if you don’t detect it before by radiation detectors.

Are you working? Then be wary. Your workplace can be a danger zone and filled with radiation all over. Hospitals are one of those places. Because of the excessive use of radiation medical equipment, over exposure can be expected. Laboratories and similar places are also one of the most radiation contaminated places. Constructions sites and offices are also radiation zone.

So, do you need radiation detector? Yes and every each person in the world need it. This is to ensure safe living in this hazardous time. Detection is a step to prevention.


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