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  • Nitrate Meter for food by SOEKS
  • Nitrate Meter for food by SOEKS
  • Nitrate Meter for measuring Nitrates in food
  • Nitrate Meter for measuring Nitrates in food
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Nitrate Tester V2 for Meat Fruits Veggies Food Quality Meter

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Product Description

Safe quality food is fundamental for good health, and food contaminations can be dangerous and even life threatening. SOEKS is committed to developing effective and reliable solutions to help consumers easily obtain immediate, precise, and reliable food quality and safety testing results.

Our Nitrate Tester is designed for the immediate and precise measurement of the nitrate ion content in fruits, vegetables, and meats. Each item contains a natural composition of ions or molecules determined by biochemistry for normal development and that are required for vital functions, along with that each food item contains a natural composition of absorbed nutrients from water, soil, and/or method of production. The principle of the Nitrate Tester is based on measuring the electric conductivity of high frequency alternating current in the food item.

The Nitrate Tester has been developed as a comprehensive food testing solution and features a pre-programmed list of 64 most commonly used food items. It has been calibrated by normal ion content, and the ion concentration amounts in the fruits, vegetables, and meats were determined using an independent laboratory method (potentiometric determination of nitrate ions per GOST 29270-95 Nitrate Determination Method).Fertilizers in the form of salt are widely used in agriculture to hasten and insure effective plant growth. Synthetic pesticides, rodent poisons, and chemical preservatives are also used in the form of salts, then diluted in water, and ultimately absorbed and accumulated by plants, which in turn, are then ingested by humans.

No matter what food product you need to analyze, with a press of a button, the Nitrate Tester displays the results within seconds. The device compares the nitrate ion concentration value with the maximum permissible concentration for the measured item, and provides you with accurate and precise results, along with a visual and text message about the results.The SOEKS Nitrate Tester is user friendly and includes a comprehensive instruction manual. It is compact, lightweight, and has a stylish design. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, it can work continuously for up to 8 hours and provides immediate results and easy to read notifications.

A perfect companion for health conscious customers in every day life, the Nitrate Tester helps make informed food choices whether at home or on the go. Ultimately, it helps protect your most valuable assets – your health and well being along with the health and well being of your loved ones.

How to use Nitrate Tester for Food

  1. Food item should be clean, if you prefer to clean the product please do not use any detergent. You may use a piece but it should be cut no more than 15 minutes prior of the test.
  2. Turn the Nitrate Testes ON and choose the food item you'd like to analize from the list, make sure if the probe is not inserted in testing product and press "OK"
  3. Probe should be clean and dry. If you are testing more that one product, make shure you clean the probe after each one prefferably with rubbing alcohol.
  4. Press "OK" You'll see the message "Preparation to analisis in progress" Do not touch the probe.
  5. Next step is to "Stick probe into the product" Insert the probe into "juciest" part of the food item prefferably perpenducularly to the center of the item. The depth should be 1/2 inch .Press "OK"
  6. Withing few seconds results will be displayed
  7. Check the results - it will be displayed in form of warning text message and numeric value.
  8. Pull the probe out of the product
  9. Press "BACK" to return to main menu.


  • Devise measures Nitrate Ion Concentration mg/kg
  • Harmless daily NORM for adult 200-300 mg/kg
  • Special NORM setting for children. Harmful Nitrate dose for children 10 - 50 mg/kg


  • Express analisis of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat for nitrate contamination
  • Nitrate content calculation and analisis comparing to norm
  • Alert message about Normal, Elevated and Dangerous levels of Nitrate Ions in the subject food item.

Nitrate Tester for Food Specifications

Range of Indicater Content, mg/kg from 20 to 5 000
Reading Time up to 20
Allowed Measurement Mistake, less 30%
Power Elements AAA batteries, rechargeble or non rechargeble (NiMH)
Power Voltage Time, V 2,3 - 3,5
Time of Continuos Work, hours at least 8
Overall Dimentions, H x W x D 5.6 x 1.8 x 0.6
Weight, oz 2.6
Battery Charging Current,max, mA 66
Current Consumption from Charger or USB,no more than 300
Output Charger Voltage 500
Display TFT, 128 x 160
Operation Temperature, C from - 20 to +60












What's Included

  • Nitrate Tester for Food
  • Unstruction, Manual
  • 2 Batteries (AAA)
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Warranty Information

2 Year Limited Warranty

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